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her. Wen Haitan

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her. Wen Haitan
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Registrert: 29.06.2018
Innlegg: 79

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Can't cover a quiet night * In the tall building community, you are a corner to enjoy peacefully, it is not the quietness of the night, or the noise of the day past you, I am in the daytime, there is no more Feelings, although the world is always noisy, I know you are calm like a quiet autumn. And I like to go into the slightly obscure mood slowly at night, it seems to hide a secret that has always attracted me, and I have always enjoyed the secret that I have n��t solved at the end of autumn after summer The neon lights hanging high above the head, the yellow halo, and the faint light seemed to dew into the bottom of my heart and slowly merge with my heartbeat. Sometimes, as if I couldn't stop the fall, I unknowingly invested in it. When I think of it, the second when time has come back, the bamboo that is not lush is surrounded by the territory, and only things like lights can sparse Come in. I often talked to those silent bamboo silently about something irrelevant, only the light of the probe quietly eavesdropped, but it didn't hear it. I can't remember the plot of that night. I sent the secrets of Nan Guo and Qiu in that quiet mood. As if, a moment of cold was attacking me, I was warm, but it was you that was cold, and the plot of your field continued to spread downwards, and autumn must also complete his own journey. Breath a sigh. Before the neon lights went out, I hid everything and raised my hands, silently, without disturbing anything, stepping towards the open coat of Asakusa in the winter. The scenery of Asakusa, the setting sun. But in my impression, the scenery about the sun setting in Asakusa has always belonged to the specialty of the plateau. Perhaps this is my preference. There are more experiences about that atmosphere, and I can only count on a small village. Maybe, there will be less of the surging majesty of the plateau, and less of the imposing height of the atmosphere Marlboro Red, but the same is the calm and indifferent elegance. The village is passed through the heart by a wide and narrow river, and there are many lush trees guarding the surrounding mountains, like a patron saint. I accidentally passed by the village without knowing its name, and stayed there for an afternoon, on a low hill, looking at the sun that was going down, and looking at the grass that spread under my feet. It was a short experience, but Peng Chung kept in my heart. Many times I want to leave something about it, and my text never knows how to express it. I feel a lot of words in front of it seem weak and pale, and I can't find any reason. Maybe I was infected by the life of the village, or I have been yearning. I don't want to discuss the events related to it, so that some illusions continue to go deep into the shallow grass, the yellowish evening, always fall as scheduled. It seems that more often, it is close to the mood of dreams, and I have been walking in the atmosphere wrapped by your dead leaves is no longer a fragrance of spring bloom, maybe in front of you, the remaining impression just meets the climate of Jiangnan. I was only interested in a section of moss-covered wall, opened a book, and waited until I closed it again. Like the beginning of autumn, after a period of experience, it will end as expected. I'm lucky I still clearly remember the episodes that happened, sometimes related to Jiangnan, sometimes related to autumn, but now related to begonia. No longer have the once pink fragrance, and some leaves were slowly attacked by the frost in October, and then yellow and yellow, and finally said goodbye to the branches. The artistic conception near the begonia tree once again seemed to have some inexplicable sentimentality, and there were some things similar to it. Xu, it is because Begonia can't support the promise, perhaps, it is really the season of forgetting. What has changed is the bluestone table and four cylindrical stools under the Begonia. Walking quietly, sitting down as before, but hiding different feelings in my heart, like the process from begonia to full bloom to withering, some real and simple days, in front of my eyes, at my feet, disappeared. Xu, should not be so kind, at least there is a bright laughter haunting the begonia in front of the memory, there are some crisp smiles, the autumn that ends, and some more secret stories continue to think forward, think However, I have been silently catering to Begonia's mood, but it still has wind to tremble Cigarettes For Sale, and I only have a faint sunlight in the afternoon slowly approaching the bottom of my heart. It seems that at the end of Qiu, it is so cold as not imagined, at least there is a faint lingering temperature in my heart that has spread to deeper seasons. Begonias are no longer fragrant. I approached them in such a true way, and then merged together. Wen Haitang's blooming scent is catering to another real atmosphere nowadays. I walked in quietly, but didn't want to quietly walk out of the begonia again. Last night, I knew that you had come to my dreamland and experienced an immortal trace, such as flowers blooming. However, I have always longed for autumn to pass. It is a wonderful feeling to have no proper reason and proper reason. Probably, the things that didn't make sense were kept on hold. Wait for a frosty winter to freeze it. There is more kindness than I imagined, wrapped in some stories, some secrets. It's not that months and simple seasons can be cracked one by one. Looking through Qiushui is always a pair of condensed eyes, I also hope that the trembling water will bulk the time Carton Of Cigarettes, and autumn will pass.
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