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I like moonlight

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I like moonlight
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Registrert: 29.06.2018
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I like moonlight. The cold moonlight, the hustle and bustle of everything, the silent night sky, all the mysterious and revealing a poetic. Throughout the ages, the literati's poetry has left a lot of poetry Parliament Cigarettes, but what I like most is the artistic conception of Wang Wei's "Mingyue Songsong, Qingquan Stone Upstream" Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Let's close our eyes and calm down and fully utilize our imagination to swim! A bright moon hangs high in the sky, and the moonlight pours in the pine forest among the mountains, filling the forest path with a colorful spot; the clear spring water slams down from the bluestone and creaks. Is this not a fairyland on earth? Wang Wei��s verse is beautiful, but unfortunately, I have not met this beautiful date. In the summer of the early 1990s, this system was held in Lushan to concentrate on the meeting of the southern film companies. It��s also a coincidence that we stayed in Jiujiang. The stone chemotherapy hospital is next to the beautiful scenery of Lushan Mountain. I asked the comrades accompanying Jiujiang Petrochemical: "Can you see the moon on the mountain this season?" The other smiled: "It is summer, as long as the weather is fine, there should be a chance." That night, a few of us were kneeling in the forest for a long time. I almost lost my way, but I didn��t expect that "the deep forest people don��t know, the moon will come together." When the night did not open the whole day of the second day of the month, everyone spoke, I recorded, and I would snatch the summary of the meeting at night, because we will go down the next day. After eating dinner, I have not set aside the night battle. I came to the leaders of the brothers and enterprises. I took a walk and went for a walk. They jokingly said: "The sharpening of the knife does not mistake the woodworker, first raise the spirit, work later, I can't miss your wonderful pen and flowers." The group went straight to the small Tianchi. On the way back, the pace was in a hurry, I don't know who was amazed: "Oh, the moon is rising! There is a moon tonight!" Isn't it, the roadside treetops really hang a red moon! Everyone stopped. Some said: "It��s a pity that the moon is still early." Some said: "No hurry, go home and watch TV. When we are in the middle of the night, let's go to 'moonlight pine forest' and go to 'moonlight pine forest'. "Listen to everyone's embarrassment, I am also a little tempted." When you go, don't forget to call me! "Reassuring, rest assured! I must call you, but I don��t know if your summary is not written. "When everyone should go back to the house, I still remember the moon outside the window. In the summer of Lushan, there is no need for air conditioning or electric fans to cool off the equipment. The mountain breeze blew in from the open window, but I heard: unique on the mountain. The stone frog is "giggle" and desperately screaming; but it can be seen: the huge moth flies in and slams in the lights Wholesale Cigarettes, walls and my body. When the outdoor moonlight is like water, when the Qinghui is everywhere, I The thoughts have been completely immersed in the summary, forgetting the things that appreciate the moon. I don��t know that the leaders then went to the "Moonlight Pine Forest". I finally let out a sigh of relief, close the cap, and put the scattered When the manuscript paper was put together, it was already more than three in the morning. "Oh, I have to go to the moonlight pine forest!" "You can look out the window. The black scorpion is alread
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