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This is the green

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This is the green
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Registrert: 29.06.2018
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This is the green glutinous rice that has not been eaten for a long time. On that day, the relatives of the country sent a glutinous rice, saying that this was a land that was specially opened by the family, and there was no fertilizer or pesticide. I politely said: "We have some selling in the market here, so it is not easy to bring the road far away." The relatives smiled and said, "There is a glutinous rice in the market in your city, that is all The high-yield glutinous rice with chemical fertilizers and pesticides looks big and beautiful, and there is no glutinous rice taste at all. The glutinous rice brought by long-distance trekking has not yet been opened, the green leaves, the dark red whiskers, it looks, unlike the market. The glutinous rice is so large and tidy. Over the years, we have been in the market and supermarkets, the food we have seen is standardized, Peugeot, and exquisite. We don��t know what we eat and there are good points. For example, watermelons don��t have to be picked. It��s all red and sweet; the persimmons are neat and uniform, red and red, yellow and yellow, green and green. It��s like no ugly woman, it can be a beautiful woman, but in front of it. The green glutinous rice quickly brought me and my wife back to distinguish the eyesight, and also evoked my memory of dying. When glutinous rice, there were small worms crawling out of the glutinous rice ear, which is never seen in the market. Phenomenon. See you, wife More than pleasantly surprised, he said excitedly: "think of it, think of it, a child picking corn, is one such bugs crawling everywhere! "I am also pleasantly surprised: this is pure glutinous rice Marlboro Red, it is the glutinous rice bug that grows out of the cleanest land. It is because there is no pesticide and fertilizer, and it is life. They are creepy and creepy. It is exciting. After the pot, gradually, it seems that the fragrance from outside the sky, such as the fairy, generally activates our slow sense of smell. For many years, we have been accustomed to the artificial, refined taste, our sense of smell has always been in a superior environment. I am already noble and I don��t know what the taste is. At the moment, this sultry taste makes me and my wife enjoy the fascination and happiness. It reminds me of my mother��s green rice, which came out of the big iron pot. The smell of glutinous rice always makes our poor days warm and fragrant. Now, when we are young, the glutinous rice is fragrant and we are back to us. We can��t wait to get this scent into our mouths. Finally, my wife excitedly shouted: Glutinous rice out of the pot! "A moment, there is a more intense fragrance that goes straight to our taste, but the glutinous rice that has just been out of the pot is too hot to get started. For a time, we restrained us from drooling. We are like a grinning child looking at the hot glutinous rice. My wife and I are already over half a hundred people, just to eat glutinous rice, it is all childlike naive! Think about it is a bit ridiculous, but that is the real beginning that we can't hide in the face of this glutinous rice. When eating glutinous rice, his wife sighed again and again: "Pure, pure, too pure!" This taste is the taste of childhood! "The taste of childhood, said it is very good! I also took the taste of this childhood, back to my long-term teenager, remembered the other more fragrant taste of the green glutinous rice at that time, it was used in the mountains with dry branches The burnt green glutinous rice, the glutinous rice with the earth's temperament and the wind of the mountains, can be drunk and can support the dead. At that time, I often smashed the glutinous rice with a small mouth and a black belly. When I ate, chewed, and tasted this pure glutinous rice, I suddenly thought: For so many years, we have never eaten such pure things. We have pesticides, melamine, lean meat, and trenches in our food. Oil, plasticizer... Our gastrointestinal tract has never been cleaned, our body is being eroded and damaged every day, and once we can't afford it, it is human misfortune and sorrow... The glutinous rice constantly impacts my dirty stomach and intestines, and it is constantly screaming with a voice. Ask the world, ask the heavens and ask the earth, can such natural and pure things come back to us? Our body I am very emotional, but I have not stopped eating glutinous rice for a moment, and it is a slap in the ear, and the greedy look is like being afraid of glutinous rice to abandon me. I think, my eating phase must be The original form is revealed; I also think that this true form is not exactly in line with this natural pure barley rice? For my original form Marlboro Gold, I can also round out its "shape": facing the innocence from a pure land, I Can not be loaded, loaded, is the power to smear holy crimes, completely destroy my stomach and stomach will be corrupted
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