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��t play the math

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��t play the math
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Registrert: 29.06.2018
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Five years of time, it��s a strange medicine. If you want it to heal the wounds, you can forget the joy of the past, but the past feelings will still be hidden in the depths of the soul. The traces left will also change one person subtly. Today, I am not the rebellious, ignorant little girl. Many memories of time-hours are filtered by the long rivers of the years, but your memory is always in your heart----My math teacher sometimes wonders if you still remember the female student who often confronts you. Sometimes, your embarrassing teaching will appear in your dreams. Even if I have graduated for many years, I have never been a good child since I was a child. I don��t have good academic performance but I won��t be confused. So I always think that I am ignored by the teacher. From school to high school and even to university Parliament Cigarettes, it may be that I see you poorly. I have met a special person in the third year of high school. Maybe it is because of this that you will have special concern for me. The scene where you are giving lectures at the podium. I don't know if you still remember the question that you asked me to answer. I didn't answer it. You punished me for a class Marlboro Lights. I was still not convinced at that time. Later, for that question, you also asked me to do the problem on the blackboard. At that time, I still sneered at your approach. I still remember that after the papers of Zhou Kao were sent down, you also asked me to give me a separate question Marlboro Cigarettes. Now I think it feels warm. I didn��t play the math in the monthly exam. You called me out to criticize me. I also remember that this is a common thing for many people, but this is what is missing in my student life. So this is precious to me. Maybe you are doing your job as a teacher, but all of this is deeply imprinted on my heart, and I will never forget it Marlboro Red. You have let me realize the feeling of being valued and cared for, and I still miss it so far. You gave me self-confidence and gave me the strength to fight, because there is still your concern and care as always. In retrospect, although you care about me, I prefer to be right with you, like to make you angry, The reason is that I am afraid that I will lose your attention and care Newport 100S. I sincerely apologize to you for your disrespect. I have never contacted you since I graduated. I am afraid that you have forgotten me, afraid of You chatted about the past and learned that I am not special to you, thus breaking my happiness and satisfaction. I prefer to relive the feelings of the past over and over again, and dare not break it. But for me, you are special, I will take your strength and courage, confidently go on.

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