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Quiet morning, le

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Quiet morning, le
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Registrert: 29.06.2018
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Quiet morning, leisurely strolling in the bluestone trail, surrounded by the spring atmosphere, facing the slight wind, the dark fragrance drifting, the green leaves rubbing each other, making an intimate salsa sound, who loves the morning sun, Whispering in the green leaves of flowers? Not far from the sound of flowing water, looking for a fountain gushing, surrounded by a long stream of water curtains, the water column swaying in the wind, as if a group of girls are dancing, sometimes long sleeves Oh, sometimes the skirt is flying. The sound of the flowing water Marlboro Lights, the sound of the birds, and a beautiful piece of music. Step by step, listen to the elegant, and enjoy yourself. One grass and one wood, one flower and one leaf, one stone and one dew, looks exquisite, and people feel in the scenery, and the scenery is in the painting Cheap Cigarettes. The wind of April, with a hint of coolness, gently passed over, such as your slender jade hand, gently stroking the cheek, a sweet feeling instantly infiltrated into the pores, wandering around every inch of space on the body, The memory of the cockroach flashes. Once upon a time, it was a dynamic picture. In the hills full of rapeseed, you took a pink dress and appeared in the spring flowers. Long hair like a waterfall, eyes like water, raising hands and feet, like a ray of sunshine, warming the young atrium. There is a song that once sang: "There are thousands of miles to meet, and it is difficult to hold the opposite hand. Ten years of repairing the same boat, a hundred years of repairing a total of sleep." Seeing the deep edge of the shallow Marlboro Red, long roads, the young people who walked together The bitterness of spring, summer, autumn and winter has witnessed the change of love. In the spring rain, in the drizzle, a small umbrella is held, strolling on the smoky country stone path, watching the smoke, the arch bridge, listening to the mountains and the water Newport 100S, the sound of birds singing, a cup of champagne, a volume of poetry The book, let the poetic soul find Fang in the spring. In the summer, explore the sea, shake a boat, chase the Waves in the sea, sprinkle a fishing net, and look forward to the hope of harvesting. Under the sunset, the reclining figure on the golden sand beach is elongated into a beautiful love picture. Autumn apricots, holding hands, leaning against the head, walking through the sun, the golden corridor, the yellow leaves are no longer full of sentimental, footprints falling, with the wind floating is cheering and brilliant. Looking for the plum in the winter, watching the mountains bleak, the white snow fluttering, the morning bells and drums, the sacred sounds. Take a sled, dance in the snow, dance the snow, feel the silence when the snow falls, and enjoy the fragrance of plum. Thoughts are like the tide, with the wind going away, just want to go back to the memory, and taste the cold and the summer together, think of the first love of the green, let every inch of time, the lush years like water, in the blink of an eye, youth gradually become young and easy to miss Passed away, the age is easy to be old. Cherish the present, cherish the eyes. Feel the wind in April, and the tenderness is still like you.
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feel regret I did not know this before I read your article, thank you for sharing with us!
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