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Someone laughed at

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Someone laughed at
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Registrert: 29.06.2018
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Someone laughed at me, but I ignored it. I just wanted to say a few doctors' benevolence, benevolent love, and fraternity! Kindhearted! Kindhearted! The health of Renshu people is roughly divided into psychology and physiology. There are two professions in this world that no one can do. First, the teacher, "teacher is the engineer of the great soul of mankind", is in charge of the spiritual world of human beings and guides the development of people's mental health. Only the people are right, the people are sturdy, the society is clear, and a country can stand proudly without falling! The other is doctors Newport Cigarettes Coupons, doctors are the regenerative parents of human beings, the true God of mankind, because they are in charge of the human physiological world, using their professional knowledge to solve the physical pain for the patients, so that the former students of the healthy life can look down Laugh at me because I am a junior college student or a little doctor. But I don't feel inferior or depressed. On the contrary, I am very proud, because this white and sacred dress, like my heart, is my proud capital! Some people are smarter than us, more savvy than us, but they can't be a qualified doctor, and they have set off an uproar in the society. Because they lack two things, one is faith, the other is fraternity! And we have this kind of thing. Because of my belief, I am determined to be a good doctor. Because of fraternity Cheap Cigarettes, I am willing to use my own warmth to moisturize the heart of every patient. I am willing to use my afterglow to disperse the haze of every patient in the emergency room. It is not the cold scalpel but the conviction, but the belief. The medical practitioner's pursuit of life. Because we always believe that it will last for a second, that is hope! A second seems to be short and long. For the doctor, it is just one more sweat Marlboro Gold, more exhausted, but for the patient, it is his long life! It is faith! It is hope! It is fraternity! It is they who hold up the unyielding backbone of a doctor! I have seen many costumes. I still feel that this white dress is the most beautiful. I still remember the medical vows that I just stepped onto the Chinese medicine road. "Hello, my name is Tao Xingpeng. Today, I am in front of all the teachers and classmates. In this solemn oath, from the first moment I stepped onto the path of medicine, I decided what kind of person I should be in the future, what kind of thing to do. I will have a kindness and a good heart. In the study, you must not be proud of complacency Marlboro Red, arrogance and arrogance. You will be down-to-earth, remember, medical and even fine things, you must be a source of medical care, diligent and tireless, learn Exquisite medical skills for the benefit of the people Online Cigarettes. When practicing medicine, you must not make any choices, and you will be able to look at the color, then smell the sound, then ask the disease, then cut the pulse, four diagnoses and eight disciplines, dialectical On the rule of treatment, the details of the situation, the fiber is not lost, the war is smashing. Every sick person, I must first send a big compassion, a little bit rich and poor, and suddenly it is close to the person, but if you ask for help, do not avoid the heat, you will try your best Going. The saints are cured and have not been cured. I will use Chinese medicine to take care of them. Anti-medical thinking, guiding people to keep fit, stay away from illness, and spread true medical knowledge to them, away from feudal superstitions and pseudo-medical harm to people. I will always analyze my soul and use my expertise to solve problems for patients. Pain. Will treat the patient as the parents of the church, gentle and harmonious, walk into the spiritual world of the patient, and be the spiritual pillar of the patient, let them know that the angel of white will always be with them. Leave the last Chinese medicine to the patient. Thank you. Everyone!" This oath echoed in my ear at all times. I didn't dare to forget that there was a fire in my heart, a burning fire, they burned the ideal, ignited hope, and ignited the belief that they were Let me be willing to dedicate my life and I am willing to work hard. They will support the backbone of the medical practitioner who will always be straightforward, and support me to walk the path of the doctor who dedicated my life!

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