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Friends moved abroad

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Friends moved abroad
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Registrert: 29.06.2018
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Friends moved abroad and moved. Before leaving, go to her house. Seen, the two-bedroom, one-bedroom room, the classical and modern decoration, the long floor is brown and bright; the solid wood door and frame are thick and bright; the white steel material is practical and beautiful; the Nippon paint interior wall plus The carved corners are rich and bright; the milled ceiling lamps have a variety of brightness; the light gray kitchen cabinets are equipped with black marble countertops; the stainless steel sinks and white floor tiles; the dexterous glass sliding doors... It is a warm home, exquisite home, most of the items have been removed, but there are 50 long, 40 wide and 80 high black cabinets in the center of the living room, with pulleys at the bottom, glass bullets on the front, and a pair of equal heights Cigarettes For Sale. box. When she saw her cleaning the room, she said, "The leather is set, the sly is not available, and the cypress sings karaoke." I have a look, there is "PIONEER", the letter, Pioneer is a pioneer, originated in 1938, and mainly based on speaker manufacturing and sales Marlboro Lights, "Let more people hear more moving voices" is the founder Song Yuanwang Mr. founded the concept of Pioneer. He uses advanced technology to invest in home audio and video, automotive audio and video and commercial markets. It is the top sound. Look at the cabinet inside seven floors, the top is the record player, followed by DVD player, card machine, cassette player, radio, amplifier, tuner. The most difficult thing to see is the record of the bakelite version Wholesale Cigarettes. Nearly ten sheets are taken out, and the paper cover is old. The black and white cover is printed with "EMI" in the lower right corner. The picture is classical beauty, short hair, cheongsam, picture on the upper left. Fang has the traditional characters of "Ye Liyi" Parliament Cigarettes. That is a set of top quality at that time, how many people love. She added: "Because there are feelings, so give it to you", "The sound is good," I said, "That is going to take the plane, the faraway place," she said. I am very touched. "Really, thank you", "Thank you, don't thank, come help, clean up." She asked me to clean up the kitchen and have feelings for the family. She also has feelings for the house. She has to go far away. . Looking at her own home, she still kept taking care and kept cleaning. "Moving has also moved, and then sweeping the mulberry, doing Sa", I reminded her that she insisted on it. Although the items have been removed, the room is cleaned like a new house, very upright, sunny, bright, and beautiful, the living room decorated with gourd ornaments, has a lucky feng shui, retro nostalgic pure copper sword, blocking the villain, still hanging in The window sills, many green flowers and stagnation books Marlboro Cigarettes, left to the next home, is the image of the dying glory, blessing the meaning of He Qing. People are really, one life, two luck, three Feng Shui. You see blessed people living in the rich land. Life can't be violated; luck, relying on the virtues, only Feng Shui to keep people. Good feng shui to support people and help others. She knows and will do it. What is valuable is that she does not show her grace. She wishes the connotation to go to the heights. The moving family is prosperous, and people move and change. I remember that I moved, in the 1980s, I used the "yellow fish car", and in the 1990s I used the "big truck" to cover the new century. When I opened the "PIONEER" (Pioneer) sound, I saw the film of the "Car Centennial" in the disc, and the whole family ran to the distance.

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