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The alleys of the old

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The alleys of the old
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Registrert: 29.06.2018
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Innlegg The alleys of the old Svar med sitat
The alleys of the old homes have the flavor of Jiangnan. The blue and black tiles and the floor are made of blue bricks and pieces. The roof is made of black tiles and tilted back and forth to a certain slope. The rain will follow the eaves and drip down the alleys. The houses are on both sides of the house. The houses are not so tall Newport 100S Cheap Shipoing From Usa, and the auspicious couplets are attached to the door. Most of the doors are hidden. You can only see a small part of the house, but you can see all of them. There is a kind of "can be seen from a distance and not playable." There is a small yard in front of the house, the owner either planted a few potted plants or placed a rocking chair. Alleys, because of the master's careful arrangement, have made a graceful contract. Even the wind that has been blown has an extraordinary style, but you don't know where it will lead, which creates a kind of Mysterious atmosphere. In the alley, the twists and turns around for a while, taking a few photos, it is a trip here. Walking in the alley, will you get lost? Of course not, the alleys are the alleys of people, how can you make you lost? Listen carefully, in the corner of the alley, you will usually hear the hawker's screams, selling tofu, porridge, jewelry, they will not be crowded together to sell, but scattered in all corners of the alley. See them, you don't have to worry about getting lost Cheap Newport Shorts Free Shipping. The pawn is a unique road sign and compass in his hometown. But the most wonderful thing is the Araucaria planted on both sides of the alley. Huangshan has welcoming pines, and the hometown has Araucaria. Yes, Araucaria is a welcome lady who welcomes tourists. She has a tall figure, an intoxicating smile, and the colorful lights on the tree become her beautiful cheongsam. In order to alleviate loneliness, they are generally two side by side, and the alleys are busy with many of the alleys Cheap Newport 100S Free Shipping, which are memories. Come back, a customer big sister has waited for a long time! The Hawaii that helped her brought her a very favorable price. She also took a fancy to Xiaopinzhang and Guanyinzhu. Today��s Guanyin bamboo is fat and very popular. I sold another one. The quality of the last big red palm was very good. Coming back today is the same as last time, the flowers are thick and leafy, which is a gift for family appreciation and gifts to relatives and friends. This time with a blue flower pot, clear blue, very high grade, taste. It's not the same as the last time. The powder palm is a purple and white flower pot, which I like very much. Two-color jasmine is back! This is the first choice for those who kill flowers Wholesale Cigarettes Marlboro Online. [Naughty] Specially good flowers, let you toss it! [Naughty] Fortune is the white flower pot, white safflower, always so bright. In front of the nursery in front of the purchase, there is a big triangular rose. Every time I go to purchase, I see her far away. The red dazzling Cheap Cigarettes Newport In Nj, she is not afraid of the wind and the sun, as if it is shaking, the flowers are flourishing. No, it should be that only flowers, small leaves are hiding in the flowers! The flower that is so eye-catching must of course bring a pot back to the last wealthy tree I love! I have a pot of choices, look good! Look good! Look good!How do you like to make a fortune tree this year! The last wealthy tree I liked was bought by people. Today, the buyer��s big sister came to tell me that the length is very good. The leaves are better than me, green and oily. I am glad that you know, I have always had a variety of goods, and today the size of green plants is a big car. I only brought back the little green plants, and there are already many in the house. Tomorrow is another full of flowers and trees. At the corner of the street, there is a flower shop called Aiyuan. I always. If I am not there, please sit outside my flower shop for a while, there are flowers and trees and greenery. Let the mind rest in the flowers and plants for a while, slow down the time and slow down the years.
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