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Urwerk Replica 210 Collection ZR012 watch

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Urwerk Replica 210 Collection ZR012 watch
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At the end of 2010, URWERK --urwerk replica--stopped making their iconic ur-103 clock. Especially for the 2011 only to watch ur-103 rise from the ashes with a unique piece of ur-103 phoenix. The ulverver-103 watch was carved only in 2011 by master sculptor jean-vincent Huguenin, who created the ulver-103 special edition decorative art in 2006. In this and this article on ur-103 tarantulas, you can read about how the hour satellite moves around the dial to show the time.
Since this ulwak is no longer available, only ulw103 once rose from the ashes to become the phoenix of ulw103. URWERK was one of the first independent haute watch brands to make invisible, innovative and very exceptional watches, and in my opinion ur-103 was their "milestone". Watch lovers from all over the world welcomed the watch with enthusiasm, and I wouldn't be surprised if it was URWERK's best-selling model.

The ur-111c black watch features a recessed case coated in black steel and titanium that bends along its length and width. The curved side is fixed by transverse screws in the half tube.

The case revolves around the unprecedented ur-111c Black movement, which places signs in seemingly bizarre positions. Moreover, according to ulwak's signature watch specialty, every sign is unconventional, if not original. Relatively large and shapely movements cannot be trapped in the ordinary way through the top or bottom case. It has to go in sideways. Thus, the case consists of three parts; The first two support the movement of the flanks, while the larger central part surrounds it closely. The same lateral thinking conceiving of the lateral sleeve motion is also applicable to this timer function on all sides of the glass plate indicating the second, watch replicas just two minutes roll of the different display, showing the case measured at the bottom of the engraving 46 mm long by 42 wide.

Ulwak's watch is deliberately confusing because it's not supposed to be like that. You don't know how they work or how they're made. Ur-111c black follows this basic rule. You have to figure it out, but here are some clues. You will notice that there is no prominent side of the crown. Instead, there is leverage. And then there's a groove in the middle of the face.The two functions of winding and telling time have been separated. A regular watch has a very short crown with knurls that can now be rolled up with your thumb or finger to wind the watch. Fully wound, the ur-111 black continued for 48 hours. To dial the time, you have to dial the lever on the right side of your watch. This will switch the wheel to time setting mode. Rotate the roller in any direction to set the time on the other cylinders. Of course, no one is black on ur-111c.

Like king cobras, best fake watches ur-111c shows signs of its bottom in black. Wear your watch on your arm with the hands on the side of your wrist so you can tell the time at a glance without turning it. When you walk, sit, or drive, keep your arms in their natural position and time is always in sight. URWERK arranged the time display in three areas, protected by curved sapphire glass. From the left, hours are marked by Arabic numerals on a rotating cone, not by hand. The cone jumps forward to the next hour. Instead, on the right side of the watch, a matching scale cone rotates every hour to give an accurate minute reading. In between, a large window repeats minutes in a stunning display, providing a new slanted linear minute of the CC1 king cobra.

The linear minute display consists of a rotating cylinder marked with a spiral that rotates along its length. As the cylinder rotates, one segment of the helix moves along a scale, measured in minutes, every five minutes. But in the ur-111c black, the scale tilts diagonally with the display, not with the cylinder's axis. This means that the cylinder only needs to rotate 300 degrees for the spiral to reach 60 minutes at the end of the balance. The cylinder then rotates 60 degrees forward to complete the rotation, bringing the spiral back to its starting position, which is obviously a backward motion. In ur-111c black, the color is orange, the spiral is kryptonite green, and the 60th minute and 60th second on the linear scale are yellow.

Two minutes
In 2009, URWERK :replica urwerk watches sale launched the CC1 king cobra. It displays time on a linear scale on a rotating cylinder and was the first URWERK special item watch. Instead of URWERK's time-based timepieces, the series includes clocks with original instructions and functions. The king cobra is characterized by its multi-level design, in different areas and with no signs of hands at all. In many technical respects, the ur-111c black is its descendant.

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