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It is said that the teacher wi

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It is said that the teacher wi
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Registrert: 29.06.2018
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It is said that the teacher will hold a reading club tomorrow, or else it is like a good book recommended by the students (in the form of a speech), or else a copy of the handwritten report. Hey! It takes too long to make an exquisite handwritten report Parliament Cigarettes. First, conceive the idea, then use a pencil to outline the pattern Marlboro Red, then use a hook-and-line pen to draw it out, and then paint the color and fill it in. It takes an hour to complete. It is quite simple to recommend a good book. What good books can you recommend? "Two thousand miles under the sea", "Annie of the Green Gable", "Around the Earth in 80 Days", "Celebrity Biography"... These famous teachers have all read it! I looked at the bookcase again. Some of the contents of the good books were forgotten, and all of them were remembered. At this time, my eyes swept through a book, and I made a speech: There are many good books in the world. These good books can purify people's minds and make people realize many things. Today, I also talk about "The Network of Charlotte". In the barn of the farmer Zuckerman��s house Marlboro Cigarettes, there is a group of happy little animals. Among these small animals, the pig Wilbur and the spider Charlotte have established a sincere friendship. They talk and play together every day. In such a happy moment, a bad news can't help but break the calm of the barn: Wilbur will be killed at Christmas and made into bacon ham! As a pig, Wilbur, who is grieved, seems to be able to accept the fate of such a person. However, at this time, the seemingly small ordinary spider, Charlotte, said: "I will save you." So, Charlotte is hard-working every day, and finally weaving "Ace Pig" on the pig pen. "Great", "Glorious", "Humble" "The four online words that are regarded as miracles by humans." These praises of Wilbur have completely changed the fate of the little pig Wilbur, and finally let Wilbur win a special prize in the market competition and a future of peace of mind and peace of mind Cigarettes For Sale. But at this time, the life of the great spider Charlotte has come to an end. This book touched us with a purest touch. It exquisitely expresses the animal's portrayal and does not fall into the clich��. At the same time Cigarettes Online, the depiction of the character and the character of the animal is also vivid and vivid. In this story, I especially like the selfless dedication and self-sacrifice of Charo. For his good friend, Charlotte would rather let his life come to an end and let his friend's life continue. It would rather give up everything for a friend than to let a friend grieve. This kind of friendship is more than a great Charlotte who used a spider silk to weave a network full of love. It used this net to write a praise of life, friendship and loyalty.
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