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On the passenger

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On the passenger
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Registrert: 29.06.2018
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On the passenger rolling boat from Pinkou to Dachang Mountain in Changhai County, I stood at the stern and looked at the vast sea of ??smoke with many tourists. At this time, the sky was gray, the breeze on the side of the body, the motor in the ear roared, and the flocks of seagulls flew around the passenger ship, only to see a seagull open the wings of the Dapeng, light and graceful flying, I Looking up, you can clearly see the feathers of the seagull that are densely arranged like eyelashes. I have not seen seagulls for the first time in this life. I have seen it more than once on the seashore and riverbank in my hometown. The first time I was so close, so careful to observe the seagull Buy Newport Online Cheap, the excitement of my heart, the joy, can be said to be incomparable, all the joy and joy of my body are unreservedly released, without any cover Overflowing. I was pleasantly surprised like an 18-year-old boy who didn't know who was excited and shouted. I don't know who was throwing a piece of sausage to the snow-white belly, the white-faced seagull, and saw its black bean-like bright eyes and bones. It was accurately captured in one turn, and the sausage was slammed in the mouth with a sharp tip forward Wholesale Marlboro Red 100'S Cigarettes. Then it is lightly swallowing down, calmly standing in the air Marlboro 100S Cartons Us, it is such a spirit, so handsome. Then the tourists followed suit, throwing breadcrumbs and throwing fruit granules... I couldn't help but sway my feet to make a fortune and throw a biscuit at it. Hey, the light gray seagull also showed its posture, so it also got sweet food, and sat down with a big wing and glided away. Hey, the gray-black seagull, like an eagle, opened its powerful wings, swiftly and fiercely swooped down, and rushed to the blue sky. They seem to be performing, spinning back and forth, and the local fishermen have a slang saying: the seagulls are lower than the edge, and the weather is about to change. The local fishermen are not proud to tell me: If the fishermen are collecting fish on the shore in the gloomy weather, the seagulls will fly wildly, and hundreds of seagulls will circle around the fishermen. Like a foodie, the fishermen sprinkled the head of the fish on the seagull, and the seagull swiftly swallowed and swallowed quickly. The fishermen fished their heads along the coast, and the seagulls continued to fly. They tasted the food all the way. The scene was spectacular and beautiful Usa Gold Cigarettes For Sale Online. Regrettably, I came to the island for only a short two days. I didn��t witness the scenery. The seagulls flew overhead. The passenger ship crossed the wide white Wave channel left by the sea. There was only one white passenger ship in the sky between the sky and the sky. Voyage, this situation can be a few times in this life. It is close to the gull in the water Cheap Cigarettes Newport In Nj, so I am lingering with the leisure time, I will read this forever, I really saw the seagull, I am happy. I am really close to the seagull, I remembe
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